"For Emma, Forever Ago:" the "Trinity Sessions" of the 21st Century

If your early Nineties were anything like my early Nineties, then you probably spent a lot of it staying up late at night with the creaky, bass-heavy sound of the Cowboy Junkies droning in the background. I can personally link their cover of the Velvet Underground's "Sweet Jane" to at least four significant moments during that period, how about you? Sadly, but not surprisingly, the Cowboy Junkies haven't managed to produce anything quite as zeitgeisty since.

But for those of us who always hoped to one day find another lo-fi classic, here comes Bon Iver. Unexpectedly moving falsetto? Check. Spare instrumentation? Check. Recording made in a wooden shack somewhere near Canada? Check! (OK, "The Trinity Sessions" were actually recorded in a wooden church in Ontario, but still.)

"The Trinity Sessions" was released in 1998; "For Emma, Forever Ago" in 2008. America, meet your new Margo Timmins.... Mr. Justin "Bon Iver" Vernon.