Wyoming: Sweet Saratoga

It wasn't just the Elk Mountain (non)drinking water that made me appreciate the Saratoga Water Treatment Plant (hello, WatSan!) - it was the Googie architecture of the place. I just love the porthole motif... get it? Water... portholes...

The Old West vibe of the Saratoga Hot Springs Inn was to be expected, but the glow of their custom lamp was unexpectedly pretty.

Another reason to love the charming little town of Saratoga Springs: a free municipal hot springs known as the Hobo Pool (see sign above at left). It's right on the bank of the beautiful North Platte River and did I mention it's free?

Wide, wide Wyoming, seen from Interstate 80.
In addition to cartoonish cloudscapes we also saw:
A herd of 100+ elk;
A herd of 50+ antelope;
A lone coyote;
Numerous deer;
200+ wind turbines;
Miles of snow fences.