Emelle, Alabama: Feels Like Coming Home, if You Squint.

There it is (above): the old Jackson homestead. That's where it used to stand, anyway. The house pictured belonged to my great-aunt Isa at one time - the last Jackson to live on this property, which was in the family from before the Civil War until the 1980s.

The now-defunct town grocery in "downtown" Emelle, where the only operating concern is a U.S. Post Office. The store, incidentally, was once owned and operated by the Stegall family, friends of the Jacksons.

Abandoned shack outside Emelle - a typical sight.

Wisteria everywhere.

This was interesting - a handmade manifesto of sorts - nailed to a tree on the road between Emelle and Sumterville.
Click on it (and on any image on this blog) to enlarge - it's worth reading.