Nashville: Honkytonkin' Cousins.

Time to meet some kin!
Mooner and I were so excited to see our beloved cousin Tim (above) and his beautiful family.

Meet Caz and Ava, who have an entire repertoire of funny faces tailor-made for the camera-snapping of doting aunties.

The lovely and amazing Julie, here with baby Bennett! He has a lot of personality for a -1 yr old.

After dinner with Tim and Julie & co., we met up with my friend and ex-bandmate in the legendary Missouri Breaks, Benjamin Smith. He lives in Nashville now and is the ED of the fantastic non-profit org, YouthSpeaks Nashville. Benjamin led us on a tour of the city's finest honkytonks, from Southern frat-rock to Western Swing.

After Prince's Hot Chicken Shack, we couldn't make room for Jack's.

But we did make time for Robert's and we adored its bolo-tied, Buddy Holly-esque band - tighter than a snare drum and just as loud. The Missouri Breaks used to perform Hank Williams's "Honkytonk Blues," so Benjamin and I felt right at home here.
Did I mention we LOVED Nashville?