Best of: Ungents

I love Carmex.

What's not to love? Just like the sun, just like love itself, Carmex is bright, sticky, and just a little bit sweet. Also, it's cheap.

Carmex was invented in 1937 by Alfred Woelbing and the company, Carma Lab, is still a family-owned business. Alfred Woelbing died in 2001 at age 100. He never officially retired. Was the gooey wonderfulness of Carmex responsible for his longevity? No one knows for sure.

Personally, I think it's incredible that a product whose packaging goes out of its way to scream that it's FOR COLD SORES is wielded by men and women without shame. Good for you, America.

The Carma Lab geniuses at go out of their way to let you know that the stuff is not addictive. I never realized being addicted to Carmex was a problem. And you know what? It's not.

Illustration credit: Paula Becker