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“The Inspirational Atheist has got my family talking! Our dinner conversations routinely begin with one of us reading a quote from the book and then all of us discussing what the quote means for each one of us. It’s amazing! Thank you!” – D., Colorado

It was SO great. I have been reporting all day about what a light-beam Buzzy is. The book illuminates what is great about life & the universe. We all need this! Like crazy! – L., California

“A Great Read. The quotes in this book are some of the most interesting, worthwhile words that have ever been said or written. From Friedrich Nietzsche to Louis C.K., from Stephen Hawking to Tina Fey, there is fabulous content from cover to cover in this book, and after reading through it in one day, (I couldn’t stop) I now plan to open this book every day at random and get a quote. This read left me feeling very philosophical and fulfilled, pondering and wondering about the beauty and the meaning of life!” – K., Amazon review

Although I’m not an atheist myself, I found my personal beliefs to be no hindrance to enjoying this beautiful, inspirational collection of words by some of our greatest thinkers, poets, and observers of the wondrous world we live in.” – E., Amazon review

I know I’ll be using this book for the rest of my life.” – T., California

The Inspirational Atheist is a collection of quotations on the meaning of life, the mysteries of the universe, love, freedom, and all the other Big Questions, asked and answered without resorting to superstition–just good old common sense, logic, and beauty.

more books 

A Bad Woman Feeling Good


Blues and the Women Who Sing Them

Combining biography, an appreciation of music, and a sweeping view of American history, A Bad Woman Feeling Good tells the story of a century of women blues singers. Honored by the American Library Association and the Association for Recorded Sound Collections. Musician Thomas Dorsey said, “The blues is a good woman feeling bad.” But these women show by their style that he had it backward: The blues is a bad woman feeling good.

Shaking the Family Tree


Blue Bloods, Black Sheep, and Other Obsessions of an Accidental Genealogist

Shaking the Family Tree is one part family memoir, one part investigation into the remarkable world of obsessed genealogists, and one part How-To manual for constructing a family tree. Join Buzzy in her journey as she makes contact with long-lost relatives, fact-checks those old family legends, and gets cozy with the growing American subculture of amateur genealogy.